Digital Data Destruction


Data Destruction

Did you know that deleting a file does not erase it from your hard drive?

Some individuals might think formatting a hard drive may be an alternative to erasing information off a hard drive; this is also false.

Think of all the information that you have saved on your hard drive… Credit card numbers, corporate data, email address book, email correspondence, financial data, legal documents, passwords, personal photos, social security numbers, web browsing history, etc.

This is all pertinent information that thieves look for when trying to steal identities. eWaste Direct, Inc. wants to reassure you the process with which we treat your hard drives completely cleans the hard drive to a fresh slate.

None of the information that was previously stored will be able to be retrieved after undergoing the digital data destruction or physical destruction procedure.

Digital Data Destruction

Most tech savvy individuals understand that computers “speak” in a language made up of 0s and 1s called Binary Code. Every action made on a computer or laptop is translated into binary code, which is then stored onto the hard drive.

eWaste Direct, Inc. utilizes a hardware based multi-function device that completely erases all data from a hard drive. Any hard drive that has substantive value or usability will be hooked up to this hardware to erase any information.

This hardware overwrites any binary code found on a hard drive with 0s; what was once a trackable code of 1s and 0s has now been replaced with all 0s eliminating the ability to retrieve any data that was once stored on the device.

The Department of Defense has a stated policy (June 28, 2007) with their specifications regarding drive sanitization, the NISP Operating Manual, also called DoD 5220.22-M.

The hardware eWaste Direct, Inc. uses meets the DoD requirements for “clearing” a “Non-Removable Rigid Disk.” By utilizing hardware in lieu of software, the process is much faster and the hard drive is never re-connected to a computer ensuring no information is transferred.

This process does not “destroy” the drive itself; however, it systematically removes all data on the drive. This keeps with the idea of reuse and prolonging the life of electronic products, which is environmentally pleasing.

Physical Destruction

Hard drives that are significantly past their prime or non-functioning are disassembled completely and separated by commodities. This is considered physically destroying the product.

The commodities are then sent to a refining agency in California where they are run through an electronics shredder that acts like a giant paper shredder, only for electronic components.

The end result is a heaping pile of shredded plastics, metals, and other commodities that are separated once again and will ultimately be reused to produce new products.

Once the process has been completed, a Certificate of Destruction is presented to the entity validating that the hard drives have been treated accordingly.

Because we do the digital data destruction and physical dismantling of hard drives in house, this cuts costs to the customer ensuring that the process is free of charge.

Whether the process calls for digital or physical destruction, eWaste Direct, Inc. handles customer privacy very seriously and takes special care to ensure items like hard drives are handled appropriately.

Tapes, CDs, etc.

eWaste Direct, Inc. can also issue a certificate of destruction for products like surveillance VHS tapes, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc. These products are mainly made of plastic and are sent to the refining agency for physical destruction. These products are fed through the electronic shredder and are sorted for their commodities. No information will be traceable.

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