Joe and Angie Nelson are “eco-preneurs” and proud owners of eWaste Direct, Inc. Founded on Earth Day 2008, eWaste Direct, Inc. was created to divert electronic waste from landfills by offering multiple services to businesses and commercial buildings throughout the greater San Francisco bay area.

As an approved collector for the state of California, eWaste Direct, Inc. is passionate about protecting the environment. Everything that is collected is carefully examined for potential reuse. If material is not available for reuse then using only industry standard approved facilities, the company dismantles, separates, and recycles electronics for commodities such as plastics, metals and precious metals.

eWaste Direct, Inc. is proud to keep the spirit of recycling alive and well by using the vast majority our internal operations equipment from previous pick-ups. From our computers and printers, most of our racking, office supplies, and even boxes and packing material over 90% of our operation runs on reuse!

Fully Insured and Equipped

Rest assured that eWaste Direct, Inc. comes well-equipped with our own tools and equipment. Typically, most electronic waste removal pick-ups that are of larger volumes require that we bring in containers with wheels to remove large quantities of materials. This allows the staff members to minimize the amount of trips up and down elevators and in or out of main entrances.

eWaste Direct, Inc. Carries industry-specific insurance that meets the most common requirements to gain access to businesses and commercial buildings. Property managers can always send the Insurance requirements to us for a quick turn around of our Certificate of Insurance meeting their insurance needs.

eWaste Direct, Inc. employees have completed extensive safety training that complies to the California Department of Public Health standards for both internal and external operations. eWaste Direct, Inc. staff members are aware that removing and handling electronic waste can be dangerous; as such, special precautions are taken to ensure safety is the number one priority.