eWaste mission

California is leading the way to many “Green” initiatives and essentially laying the grease down as they go. eWaste Direct, Inc. wants to follow this path by providing eco-responsible recycling to its customers. Contrary to popular belief, reuse is a big part of recycling initiatives. By reusing products, it extends the life of an item to meet its full potential. However, the electronics that are no longer functioning are recycled through vendors here in the United States.

As more companies and large corporations become eco-conscience, eWaste Direct, Inc. wants to provide flexible services that custom fit the needs of each individual. We recognize the struggles that come along with purging electronic waste and want to offer as many options as possible to make the transitions a little less stressful.

eWaste Direct, Inc. receives a lot of questions about our free services. We believe that charging excessive fees detours people from recycling responsibly and it is an act that should be encouraged, not discouraged by large charges. A lot of our costs are low for the majority of the processes we provide are done in house, cutting out the middle man. Many companies employ external help to collect and handle their e-waste; this is a cost that trickles down to the customer. We employ our own drivers, our own warehouse staff, and office staff.

Some customers are hesitant about recycling their materials in fear of giving it to a company that ships materials overseas. eWaste Direct, Inc. does not participate in this practice and recycles all materials through state approved vendors here in California. No materials are shipped out of the country. Our mission is to provide an ethical and socially responsible way to recycle materials that are considered hazardous to the environment. Working closely with others who share the same morals and thought process is our goal. eWaste Direct, Inc. is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions for the proper reuse and recycling of corporate IT and consumer electronics.