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When I first started as Tenant Coordinator for 343 Sansome there was an e-waste bin on the loading dock for our tenants convenience. I never had to manage the logistics and we never had service issues. eWaste Direct just took care of everything. Being able to offer a tenant amenity without having to manage it is a huge plus to anyone in the commercial property management business.

When regulations changed and the bin had to be permanently removed from the property, eWaste Direct made it easy for 343 Sansome to continue to offer this amenity. Tara provided concise, detailed information about the change in regulation making is easy to communicate the change to the tenants. Tara created a custom flyer that we distributed to the tenants with simple directions on how to schedule a pick-up. Even with our strict building access parameters, eWaste Direct has been easy to work with. Another huge plus, is Tara Rasmussen! Her professionalism, attention to detail, pro-active communication and pleasant demeanor have made working with eWaste Direct a pleasure!

Diane Stanton,
Tenant Coordinator,
CAC Real Estate Management Co., Inc.