Bay Area Solar PanelsSummer’s here and it’s hot! It may be tempting to crank up that air conditioning. However, if you want to save a HUGE amount of money on your electricity bill AND help the environment, consider these two earth-friendly options that can save you a lot of cash as well.

Solar Panels

The sun is already heating up your home, so use it to your advantage. Solar panels can be installed on a south-facing roof or on the south side of your home. Depending on the price of your panel installation, you can begin to see savings in a few months and recoup the money you paid in a few years. There are also government rebates to offset the costs of your initial investment.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a smaller investment than solar panels, plus the right look can improve the ambiance of your room. They circulate the hot air near your ceiling, which feels great and lowers the temperature. In the winter, a slow-moving ceiling fan can circulate warm air around the home to prevent cold corners and floors, reducing the urge to crank up the heat.


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