eWaste Direct, Inc. believes that responsible recycling is based on reusing the most of what we already have. We are proud to introduce our new Asset Management program for our business community.

Technology plays a huge role in maintaining a competitive edge with other businesses of the same industry; typically, this requires updating information technology equipment such as servers, laptops, phone systems and network equipment on a fairly regular basis. Removing high value assets to be replaced with newer items is called Asset Management. This process is also commonly referred to as Asset Recovery or Reverse Logistics. Although there is a very large industry for this practice, it may not be part of your business model; this makes us a great partner for you!

eWaste Direct, Inc. will request a detailed inventory of the items you are looking to release; quickly triage the items to determine what is valuable, marketable, or broken and/or obsolete. Then, arrange to remove your current equipment quickly and efficiently to allow your new upgraded equipment to go online as soon as possible making the process seamless. eWaste Direct, Inc. will take possession of the equipment, clear all existing data according to strict Department of Defense 5220.22-M standards, then test and inventory the material with as many details as possible to ensure its highest resale value.

Once the value is determined, eWaste Direct, Inc. will make an offer to purchase the equipment outright or consign the equipment out to our national network of information technology equipment buyers.

Any equipment that has no market value, fails testing, is broken or obsolete will then be recycled through state approved refining agencies here in the United States that comply with regulations of federal, state, and local authorities. eWaste Direct, Inc., upon request, can issue a Certificate of Data destruction based on any assets we collect containing data.

eWaste Direct, Inc. is committed to you and ensuring that seamless transition from old equipment to new equipment is our utmost priority. For more information please call us at 877-437-9558 or email us at assets@ewastedirect.com

Thank you for considering eWaste Direct, Inc. for all your asset management and electronics recycling needs.