Digital Data Destruction services

Note: Sensitive material needing a COD is under 24-hour surveillance. Your information is always secured.

Did you know that deleting a file does not erase it from your hard drive? Some individuals might think formatting a hard drive may be an alternative to erasing information off a hard drive; this is also false. Think of all the information that you have saved on your hard drive… Credit card numbers, corporate data, email address book, email correspondence, financial data, legal documents, passwords, personal photos, social security numbers, web browsing history, etc. This is all pertinent information that thieves look for when trying to steal identities. eWaste Direct, Inc. wants to reassure you the process with which we treat your hard drives completely cleans the hard drive to a fresh slate. None of the information that was previously stored will be able to be retrieved after undergoing the digital data destruction or physical destruction procedure.

Digital Data Destruction

eWaste Direct, Inc. follows the industry guidelines for media sanitization under the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a division of the US Department of Commerce. These guidelines are found in their special publication 800-88. In short the standard we follow is NIST 800-88 for the clearing method.

Our first step is to plug any eligible drives into our designated servers to test the overall health of the drives. We have high health thresholds to ensure optimal health of each drive.

Next, We connect the hard drives to our media wiping software and prepare the wiping procedure. Once the drives are set up they appear on the easy to read user interface which looks like a virtual server.

Once the wiping has started there is a real-time status on each drive where you can see the model number, serial number and capacity of the drive. You can also see the wiping take place with the expanded screen as well as the technical specifications of the drives themselves.

After the wiping is completed the software creates an excel .csv file which can be downloaded into a report for recordkeeping. The file provides the date and time stamp, Model and serial number of each drive, sectors and size , wipe method used , and the wiped sectors for verification showing zero errors.

Please note that the DoD 5220.22-M(C) method used is a Department of Defense method that falls under the NIST 800-88 guidelines

eWaste Direct, Inc. handles customer privacy very seriously and takes exceptional care of every hard drive to ensure they are handled appropriately. Certificates of Destruction are available upon request.