eWaste Direct, Inc. is fully committed to providing the most reliable and professional services possible.

To comply with most property management requirements, eWaste Direct, Inc. meets the standards for insurance requirements. Upon request, a Certificate of Insurance (COI) outlining the company’s coverage will be provided to have on file for easy reference in the event an accident occurs. While the staff takes ample amounts of safety precautions to ensure material is removed safely, we do acknowledge that accidents happen.

Adhering to building policies is pertinent for the success of any service eWaste Direct, Inc. provides. eWaste Direct, Inc. is insured, licensed and bonded in the state of California. The coverage often meets or exceeds most building requirements. If your building requires that vendors provide a COI before entering the building to utilize the loading dock area or elevators, please send a Sample Certificate of the building’s requirements to the customer service manager in charge of scheduling your pick up. This document can be retrieved from the property management company in charge of your building.

*COI provided upon request only*