Are pick-ups free?

Yes, all Commercial/Business pick-ups are Free of charge.

What items does eWaste Direct take?

You can see a complete list of the type of items that we are able to take on our Accepted Items page. That page also details the items we are not able to accept.

Is there a minimum or maximum amounting of material that eWaste Direct can take?

We do not have a limit on size for pick-ups

What if I need something destroyed or erased of its data? (I.E. Hard drives, media tapes, phones)

At eWaste Direct we provide a free Certificate of Destruction when the items are pulled and isolated prior to pick up. Fees apply for any removal, tracking, and/or shredding of any items that need to be destroyed. We do data erasing and destruction in a secured area that is monitored by camera 24 hours a day.

Does eWaste Direct take batteries?

At eWaste we have a battery program where we can deliver a special bucket that is 3.5 gallons at a cost per bucket. This option is the best and safest way to recycle household batteries. (I.e. size A, AA, AAA, B, C, and D). We do accept the following batteries with no charge: Laptop, Phones, and UPS

Does eWaste Direct accept drop-offs?

Sorry, we do not accept drop-offs, but our Customer Service Manager can help direct you to a good resource for drop-offs.