Growing your own herbs, vegetables, greens and fruit can be both incredibly rewarding and delicious. However, some home gardeners rely on pesticides, herbicides and fungicides not to mention chemical fertilizers to help their garden grow.

That’s not only unnecessary, it’s also unhealthy and harmful to the environment. All those nutritious veggies pack a much healthier punch without harmful chemicals.

Here are two tips to prepare your yard for an organic garden.

Prepare your soil.

Because your soil is the foundation of your garden, it is important to make sure it’s full of the right nutrients to feed your garden. Mix in organic material like compost or humus and consider having your soil tested. The proper soil conditions can make the difference between a sparse crop and award winning vegetables.


Natural pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

It’s been said that home gardeners generally use more chemicals on their gardens than farmers do. That’s a lot of chemicals! Interestingly enough, mild detergent and water protect many plants from harmful pests. Hot pepper sprays also work to fend off pests. And natural predators like frogs and ladybugs can keep your garden healthy and full.


Getting started with organic gardening is easy when starting with a healthy foundation.