Regardless of the disturbance in the global economy and the financial crisis, global investment in clean energy is noticeably growing. Investment keeps growing in top countries, with China, US, UK, Europe, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Italy and India as top investors in clean energy, spending and enhancing confidence among climate action supporters.

Within the years 2005 to 2009, clean energy investments raised fast by 230% worldwide. Innovative technology and decreasing solar energy prices position the solar industry for a great deal of growth. Wind energy makes up beyond 50% of world wide clean energy capability. In 2010, $200 billion for energy, climate and jobs are assumed invested.

Information graphs show how investment in clean energy has gone up. NIneteen countries showing their amount of investments in billions of dollar for solar and wind energy and graphs showing their installed solar and wind capacity in GW. Tabulation show how significantly clean energy investment within five years (2005 to 2009) has rapidly grew on major countries with Turkey, Brazil, China, UK, Italy, US, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Europe respectively. These figures are indicating the views of the world’s developed countries that clean energy is going to be the major positive industrial driver of economic growth in the following years. One of the best alternative solutions for the global climate change the world is dealing with now.