At first glance, it is hard to believe the statistics in the infographic below. Not because of its credibility, but because of the overwhelming and shocking facts it presents. It’s an eye-opener for on how we spend a large quantity of our valuable resources to make simple things that we take for granted or easily waste.

The figures will make you flabbergasted on how many trees are used per month just to make coupons alone. Imagine if we spend that much just to make simple coupons, how many trees would be required to make other necessities like paper used for school and work, toiletries, etc…

Even just one person, one family or one business can do something about it. Choose recycled and environmental-friendly products for your home and office. Find ways to repurpose and reuse what you already have.

And when you do need to purchase and dispose items, research if they can be recycled. We pick up e-waste recycling for free in San Francisco Bay area and here is a list of all the electronics we can recycle for you.

grocery coupons
Infographic by SavingStar grocery coupons