The infographic below gives a staggering look at how much waste we create during the holidays. We can make an impact with greener choices without becoming a Scrooge this season.

Consider these tips to have a green holiday and still enjoy the season of giving:

  • Draw names and play Secret Santa.
    Nearly 60% of Americans receive unwanted gifts during the holidays. Avoid the re-gift effect and have everyone in your family make a wishlist. Set a budget for how much each person agrees to spend. Then each person draws a name and only has to give the one gift. You’ll save money and your recipients will get a gift they truly want!
  • Give gifts of experience.
    Instead of wrapped presents, give gift certificates or gift cards for restaurants, movies, museums, plays, etc. Your recipients will enjoy a new experience they can share with their loved ones.
  • Get creative with wrapping.
    If you are giving wrapped gifts, instead of using traditional wrapping paper, which isn’t recyclable, use newspapers, magazines, paper bags, etc. Reuse gift bags you’ve received in the past. Use the front part of your favorite cards as tags.
  • Use LED’s
    You can see in the infographic below that LED’s only use a fraction of energy compared to incandescent lights.

What are your favorite tips to celebrate a green holiday?