For so many reasons, many species of animals and plants became endangered and died out. They will never be seen on this earth again. The primary reason why their habitats are taken away from them is due to the huge increase of the human population since the last few decades. The chemicals that people use, toxic wastes that are left in our natural waters, all these contribute to the pollution that endangers the lives of species of animals and plants. Hunting and trading, may it be legal or illegal, is also one of the reasons why lives of these species are threatened.

From all over the world, we can find these animal and plant species that are now on the verge of going endangered or worst, extinct. It is very important to know what these creatures are and how to save them from dying. It is a must to learn about them and be aware of their natural habitats. By getting to know them, we can help protect them from being endangered.

Recently, studies show that the rate of the endangered plants and animals have increased enormously. And to be able to understand clearly, we have to take a review of the information given in the graphs shown. Here is a study of countries with the notable possibility of endangered species- mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, mollusks, including plants.