Corporate building 0924_06In the Bay Area, how a business impacts the environment is a frequent consideration of consumers. The easiest way to let your customers know that your business – be it an auto repair shop or a restaurant – cares about its environmental footprint is to become part of the Bay Area Green Business Program.

By becoming, and staying green, your business will receive multiple forms of recognition, including listings on the Bay Area Green Business Program and the California Green Business Program websites, press coverage, promotional materials, and the Green Business logo to use in your advertising.

To become green certified, your business must comply with regional environmental regulations as well as conserve resources, prevent pollution, and reduce waste. The program, and its businesses, receives technical support from local agencies and utilities. Businesses becoming green and free access to these resources.

Because of the diversity found in the Bay Area, standards vary by region and industry. However, the general principles are the same:

  • Track and reduce water and energy usage as well as hazardous waste generation.
  • Have a green purchasing policy.
  • Have an in-house team that can guide your businesses green practices.
  • Provide training and incentives to encourage employee participation.
  • Let your customers known about your efforts.
  • Encourage other businesses to become green.

Go to for all of the details about applying for your Green Certification