Being “green” and having a profitable business can go hand-in-hand. By saving energy and conserving resources at work, you can also decrease your expenditures, improving your bottom line.

Here are three easy tips to save energy and money for your office:

Smart Strips

Did you know that electronic equipment consume energy even when they’re not turned on? Everything from your office equipment to your break room appliances, still draw electricity. To save money and energy, use a smart strip either with an on/off switch or, even better, an on/off switch with a timer. Simply turn off the power strip at the end of the work day and your business will save thousands of watts each year.


Adjust the Thermostat

Adjust the office thermostat to five degrees lower in the winter and five degrees higher in the summer to save energy and reduce your electricity bill. If you don’t have one already, install a programmable thermostat, and schedule it adjust the temperature even more when the office is closed.


LED Office Lighting

Change your office lighting to LED’s. LED lighting consume 48% less energy than fluorescents lights. New LED products are coming into the market that produce the same amount of lumens per watt as the best fluorescent lights.


Office energy savings does not have to require a huge overhaul. Easy, cost-effective steps can save hundreds of dollars for your business every year AND help conserve our natural resources.