Reduce Junk MailDid you know that junk mail kills 2.6 million trees every year?*

Here are three easy ways to reduce your “snail mail,” save trees and keep junk mail out of landfills:

Pay Bills Online

Are you receiving your bills in the mail? What happens when you open them? Most of us just want to see the amount and we pay the bill online anyway. How about getting your bills delivered to your email inbox?

Many utility companies and credit card companies have the option of paperless billing. You will get an email reminder each month that your bill is due and a link to the site to pay your bill. The landfills don’t need your bills to fill them up.


Online Banking

Sign up for electronic statements. This works best for two reasons. One, you avoid having to shred statements each month; and two, you can store them on your hard drive, USB drive, or back them up online for security reasons. You eliminate the paper clutter and you avoid the dangers of identity theft from someone sifting through your garbage.


National “Do Not Mail” Mailing List

Stop unwanted advertising mail being delivered to your home is getting your name off the mailing lists. To register on’s National Do Not Mail List, start by filling out their form. >>


These easy steps can reduce waste, save trees and create a more productive & clutter-free business and home!


*Junk Mail Statistics