San Francisco E-Waste RecyclerYou don’t have to spend big bucks for a hybrid car or convert your house to solar power to make a big difference. You can use less energy, lower your bills and help the environment with these small changes:

  • Buy energy efficient appliances. They may be more expensive, but make up for the increased cost in lower energy bills.


  • Unplug chargers when you’re not using them. Cell phone and other chargers use up powers even if there’s nothing attached to them.


  • Put devices with remotes, like T.V.s, VCRs, and stereos, on a power strip and turn it off when you’re not using them. These devices use a lot of power to run the remote receiver even when the device is off.


  • Walk or ride your bike for short trips.


  • Buy local products. It takes energy to transport food and other products across the country. Buying local not only supports your local economy, it helps them use less energy.