It is a matter of fact that there’s good business in bottled water, with nearly everyone from all walks of life are drinking bottled water. But you need to think it over after learning the facts from this graphic.

The rate of bottled water is remarkably up to ten thousand more than the rate of tap water. Only in America, 8.6 billion gallons of processed water is being consumed annually which yields $61 billion and with this bottled water, 40% is obtained from public natural water sources or tap water. Information reveals that alarming 22% of tested branded bottled water contained chemical contaminants at ranges beyond state health limits. Surprisingly, 17 million drums of oil are used merely to produce bottled water per annum which is enough to supply up to 1 million cars for one year! Illustrations show that out of 5 bottles of water, only 1 are being recycled and the others go to the waste which happens to be one of the environmental problems we have now.

All of these facts are clearly illustrated in this informative graphics which successfully presented an over-all idea concerning the bottled water against tap water. Not only do we spend much money for lower water quality, but we also add up to the environment’s problem by way of storing up the earth with non-biodegradable plastics from these bottled water. So now, do we need to succumb to our greed for money rather than think about how we can make use of the free water readily available around us?