San Ramon Green BusinessHas your company been resistant to going green, because you are worried about the cost? Here are the top five ways to go green without spending a lot of green.

* Reduce the amount of paper and ink your office consumes each day. Emailing interoffice memos, using power point for presentations, and providing online forms for your customers; are all simple ways to reduce the amount of paper your company uses. Reducing the amount of paper used reduces waste and saves trees.

* Brighten the office with live plants. Live plants are a great way to brighten employee spirits, and they filter indoor pollution from the air. Encourage employees to bring in their favorite plant to decorate their office or cubicle.

* Encourage employees to carpool or offer a telecommuting option. Providing a bulletin board in the employee break room where employees who want carpool can connect, and allowing employees to telecommute are great ways to increase employee morale and reduce carbon emissions.

* Switch your cleaning products. By switching to nontoxic cleaning products you reduce the amount of toxins in the air, and promote employee health.

* Recycle your electronic waste. Recycling your electronic waste ensures that it will be properly disposed of and not filling up your local landfill. eWaste Direct will pick up your old, unused, or broken electronic equipment for free, and we can schedule your pick up within 48 hours.